Anna Dunwell

Portal Power Healing

"When you become certain that nothing is impossible for you,
you'll attain everything that you desire."
- Wayne Dyer

structure beneath Sierra Negra volcano

The Earth, The World,The People, You

The earth is our skin.
We are the feminine earth.
We are the masculine walkers.

We are the healthy relationships
healing precious secrets
and unspoken truths.

grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-2 Women’s Portal Power Healing Retreat( Friday (November 28,29,30, 2014)
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-2 Full Moon Celebration (Saturday, December 6, 2014)
grey-bullet-002s-3-3-3-2 Wyoma Drum & Dance Private (Saturday,January 31, 2014)